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Training framework plan

Preparation course 

What do we need to trade?

How do TradingView & Metatrader (MT4/MT5)

What is a chart?
What are candles and what do they tell us?
What kind of chart representation is there?
What are time frames and why is understanding them particularly important?

Elementary level


Explanation of which tools are used in the analysis, in particular:
AB CD Tool

Trending Channels


Why is chart quality so important?
What are harmonic chart progressions?

 What are Pattern Box Projections (MKP)?
Construction and structure of the ABCD pattern
Structure of the X-ABCD

How do MKP correlate with ABCD pattern?
Expectations (theory vs practice) 

Using the Fibonacci tool

Relevant proportions
Standard approaches and how we work with them 
Why is the rebound the cherry on the sundae?


DetailedModel customer with exercises in the chart and learning status checks



Black Swan
White Swan



Nen Star

Sea Pony

Adam & Eve

Cup & Hangle

Navarro 200

Correct application of the Mustermann Traders Club table ​


Advanced level

Internal structure
Multi-timeframe structure

What is the difference between higher-level and lower-level analyses?

Time zones of harmonic patterns
Intrapatterns and their CRV optimizing property
Risk assessment / profit expectation 
Derivation of the higher-level “D”
Use of trend channels
Special forms of trend channels
What is a pitch fork?

Differences between the Classic, Ship & Inside

Use of TD-Sequential in conjunction with harmonic patterns

Using the RSI (Relative Strength Index)
Recognize divergences

Combine divergences with ABCD

Difference between impulsive and corrective ABCDs 

How do I get a setup?


Expansion stage
Time frames
Combinations with other analysis methods
Potential reversal points (PRZ)


Special properties of the respective harmonics 

Basic structure of an Elliott wave
Point & Figure 
Tax-optimized money management according to new loss calculation rules


What investors and family offices attach particular importance to?


Test and maturity level

Exam preparation

learning goals

The student should have the skills

How to use chart software to understand harmonic patterns.

The student should

learn the structural potential proportions of pattern ABCD.

The student should have the skills to

Obtain identification of the harmonic structure ABCD.

The student should have skills

to recognize divergences with the help of the RSI.

The student should acquire skills

to evaluate ABCD patterns in conjunction with the RSI indicator.

The student should...

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