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Über Uns

What is Doe's Traders Club?


The Mustermann Traders Club is a groupadvanced and full-time trader, scalper & Analysts.

In our community you will findhelpful chart technicians on absolutehighest level.

Our analyst club imparts exclusive knowledge that will permanently change your world view!

At Mustermann's Traders Club, your career is similar to classic vocational training. You start as an intern, learn basic chart technology as an apprentice, such as (X)-ABCD Harmonics and discover Adam & Eva in flagrante. As a journeyman you will learn to understand theMulti-time frame analysis (Fractal jump), master itharmonious pattern, read an RSI confidently and use it

various filter instruments for signal confirmation.

You combine the  different chart techniques and create your own solid analyzes of market events. At this point you will notice that your analyzes differ significantly from the standard strategies used in popular public media, communities and forums. The quality of your analyzes will increase quicklystand out and your success will confirm you. 

After the master's examination, you act on your own responsibility with your very good andexclusive equipped toolbox.

Mustermann's Traders Club - Trading where it's fun... :)


Our craft is
"Modern Money Art"

The new type of harmonic analysis 

Harmonic patterns are chart patterns,

which are defined using Fibonacci ratios.

These patterns are usually

formed from 5 points and 4 segments.


The most famous among them are:

"Gartley", "Bat", butterfly,Crab

However, there are many more relatively unknown patterns, such asLeonardo",Strong Henry", Sea Pony" and Seahorse"
or even thatThree Drive".
Some of these patterns are only needed as "connection patterns" to recognize a consistent structure in the analysis. 
Here you can learn extraordinary and rare events like the "Dance of the Swans" or the expansion of an intra-Gartley hand in hand with us and thus achieve your goal of becoming an analyst who stands out from the crowd. 

Not only is identifying the patterns important, but  also the interaction and The interlocking of the harmonious patterns are the focus of the Mustermanns Traders Club.

One of the advantages of our analysis methods is that every trade can be planned in advance!

 Depending on which Fibonacci proportions are achieved on certain routes, certain patterns can be excluded and others can be shortlisted.

In conjunction with other analysis methods that we use at Mustermanns Trading Club, you can derive very precise analyzes at a very high level and determine specific rule approaches.

Transparent & logically understandable

Einblick Angebot

Convince yourself!

On the YouTube channel of our partner brokerPepperstone David, aka Mustermann, publishes his current analyzes twice a week.

The ABCD principle

WoT trade fair appearance

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